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Daniel Greene Master Portraiture Set of 27 Silver Brushes

Daniel Greene Master Portraiture Set of 27 Silver Brushes

Daniel Greene Master Portraiture Set of 27 Silver Brushes

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Daniel Greene Master Portraiture Set of 27 Silver Brushes - Daniel Greene's Master Portraiture Brush Set
Daniel E. Greene's works can be found in more than 500 public collections, including The Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Smithsonian Institution and the White House. In 1995 he received the American Society of Portrait Artists' John Singer award and 2001 was named a gold medalist by the Portrait Society of America.

Daniel Greene answers ”Why these brushes?” ”The shape of the Silver Renaissance Cats Tongue makes this red sable a perfect cross between a round, bright and flat. It allows me particular control for details. The Grand Prix Filberts combines flats, brights and rounds. Old Masters used rounds, but the filberts combine best features of both rounds and flats. I recommend filberts over any other shape.”

Silverstone Brushes
Finest quality Chungking white hog bristle brushes. Made of naturally curved and interlocked bristles with long flagged tips. Expertly manufactured by accomplished brushmakers. Each brush is fitted with a deep maroon matte finished handle which is sealed, lacquered and set in a seamless nickel plated brass ferrule.

Renaissance Brushes
Finest quality pure red sable marten tails create a range of superb sable brushes with a natural spring and generous color holding capacity. Renaissance brushes come to a fine point or sharp chisel edge that resists splitting. Select sable hair is carefully hand cupped, individually tied into bundles, then set by experienced brushmakers in seamless gold plated ferrules. Carefully balanced, gloss black hardwood handles are selected for this line.

Grand Prix Brushes
Grand Prix is made exclusively for Silver Brush by master brushmakers, using 100% naturally curved Chungking white bristle. This carefully chosen bristle has deeply flagged and interlocked tips for maximum color carrying capacity. Set in seamless copper ferrules and double crimped to long matte green lacquered handles. Perfectly balanced and shaped to fit the hand makes painting exciting and stimulating. The World's finest hog bristle brush!

27 Brush Master Assortment
Grand Prix Filberts, Sizes 0, 1, 2*, 4*, 6*, 8, 10, 12 (*Three Each of sizes 2, 4 and 6)
Silverstone, Size 14 Filbert and Size 10 FanBlender
Renaissance Cats Tongue Red Sable, Sizes 4 and 6* (*Four Each of sizes 4 and 6)

This set has gone from a set of 24 to a set of 27 brushes- and it is still the same sale price!

MSRP: $555.95
Price: $333.57 


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