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Enkaustikos XD Wax Medium Set of 10 - 4 Ounce Blocks

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Enkaustikos XD Wax Medium Set of 10 - 4 Ounce Blocks

Enkaustikos XD Wax Medium Set of 10 - 4 Ounce Blocks (2.5lb)

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Enkaustikos Wax Medium is made from U.S. Pharmaceutical Grade Beeswax and Damar Resin. Our XD Wax Medium features extra damar. This wax medium has a higher content of damar resin than the original, giving it a thicker consistency when liquified. It also has a sticky tack while drying for easy texture build up and will stay pliable for a longer time than our original Wax Medium. Once cooled however, it is resistant to surface alterations from scraping or incising and offers a hard film. Like the original Wax Medium, XD can be used as a base coat, wax paint extender for glazing, and especially useful as a topcoat. If you want to achieve a glass like surface with a single topcoat, this is the product for you. XD comes in our resealable silver bags for easy storage. For those who enjoy the convenience of our tins, we also offer Wax Medium in our 1.5 fl oz and 6 fl oz metal Hot Cakes tins as well! Important To Note: Our wax medium contains damar resin, not damar varnish. Most artists are familiar with damar varnish which is made by dissolving damar crystals in turpentine. Many encaustic recipes call for damar varnish containing turpentine which is not studio safe and is down right unhealthy. There is no need to have solvents in an encaustic studio therefore, we filter damar resin crystals with heat instead of using solvents of any kind. Our damar resin is both a people and earth friendly product.

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