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Custom Canvas

With over 2,700 choices, you can get exactly the size, surface, and depth you want!

Our Museum WrapTM stretching method offers balanced tension across the canvas and is 50% tighter than other brands. Our unique bracing system supports the bars, which keeps the canvas tighter, and also easily allows the frame to expand to increase tension further. The corners are folded so the canvas is all one piece and can be taken off the frame, shipped, and re-stretched. There is dramatic canvas relief so you can push on the canvas and never touch the bar underneath. Our unprecedented selection offers over 130 sizes, including the largest array of golden rectangle sizes on the planet... the most aesthetically pleasing rectangular shape... like the Mona Lisa.
Carmel Canvas
Carmel Canvas »
L21C Linen
L21C Linen »
L22U Linen
L22U Linen »
Malibu Linen
Malibu Linen »
Monterey Canvas
Monterey Canvas »
Muir Linen
Muir Linen »
Raw #12 Canvas
Raw #12 Canvas »
Sausalito Canvas
Sausalito Canvas »
Sierra Canvas
Sierra Canvas »
Tahoe Canvas
Tahoe Canvas »