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Hog Bristle

We offer an extraordinary selection of the world's best hog bristle brushes for oil painting. In this department you will find Winsor & Newton, DaVinci, Escoda, Silver Brush,Raphael, Connoisseur, Robert Simmons and Princeton brushes. Many of these brush makers use Interlocked Chungking bristle with noticeable flagging at the tips that allow the bristles to hold considerably more paint than less expensive brushes that have bee shaped by cutting.  Princeton offers both a professional and a less expensive bristle brush that is exceptionally well made and suitable for professionals and students alike.  
Connoisseur »
DaVinci Chungking bristle brushes
da Vinci Brush »
Escoda Chungking bristle brush
Escoda »
Raphael »
Silver Brush
Silver Brush »
Winsor & Newton hog bristle brushes
Winsor & Newton »
Jack Richeson Grey Matters
Jack Richeson Grey Matters »
Robert Simmons Signet Oil painting brushes
Robert Simmons »
Princeton 5400 series, Princeton 5200 series. Princeton Snap hog bristle brushes
Princeton »