Arches Watercolor Paper and Arches Kolinsky Red Sable watercolor brushes are a match made in heaven (actually France). These beautiful watercolor brushes perform as elegantly as they look. Applying the same stringent manufacturing standards that Arches demands for their watercolor paper have been used to produce their Kolinsky sable watercolor brushes. Only the best quality extra-fine, pure Kolinsky red sable hair is chosen for its exceptional fineness and elasticity. The handle is an extension of the hand - it is ergonomically designed and made of solid matte varnished blond oak, a timeless wood with a soft and sensual feel. The ferrule is also ergonomically designed and is made with matte nickel; the crimping is discreet and designed to blend perfectly with the handle. A protective cap keeps the brush head well shaped and away from harm. The bottom tip of the handle is also matte nickel with a sgraffito tip.