Petit Gris Pure Squirrel Brushes

Stringent manufacturing standards have been adhered to in producing these quality brushes. Best quality extra-fine pure grey squirrel is chosen for its exceptional fineness and elasticity. The handle is an extension of the hand - it is ergonomically designed and made of solid matte varnished blond oak stained to a deep finish, a timeless wood with a soft and sensual feel. The ferrule is also ergonomically designed and is made with matte nickel; the crimping is discreet and designed to blend perfectly with the handle. Cats Tongue brushes are similar to filberts; only with a pointed tip. The flat version of this brush has short hair so it works well as a mop type wash brush- only it will give you a nice clean edge. These hold a lot of water and release beautifully onto the paper. The bottom tip of the handle is angled with a sgraffito tip for techniques involving scratching and scraping into the paper!