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"In the 40+ years since our founding, our humble colorhouse has moved five times. Along the way, it has grown to take on new colors and create materials that are safer and more permanent. Every building has a special place in our hearts and to this day, they still have paint-splattered floors.

As a tribute to the journey of our colorhouse, each Studio Knife is named after a street in Portland that Gamblin called home. Well, almost every knife. “The Robert” is a nod to our Founder, Robert Gamblin. This specialty slim blade earned a place in his studio and holds the title of his favorite painting knife. Together, this collection of Studio Knives offers what most painters need.

We understand that contemporary artists approach practices in painting from many angles, and that is why we chose to create a collection of blades that offer versatility in its array of shapes and sizes.

From mixing to markmaking each knife was made to move paint and designed to deliver a responsive feel that the artist can sense and react to. From delicately placed dollops to downright dashing swaths of paint, the blades are shaped to maneuver through multiple modes of making and accommodate a wide range of applications.

Whether you’re an accomplished painter or youve just begun your creative journey, these are professional grade painting instruments, built to last, and ready to handle whatever strokes of genius you have in mind.

As human beings we feel compelled to communicate, to make marks, and to share what inspires us.

Tools are meant to make life easier, helping us to evolve, express, and engage with our world.

We hope our painting tools help serve your creative expression and contribute to your growth as artists and creative human beings."

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Gamblin Studio Knife- The Division Place


If you’re new to painting or you can only have one knife, The Division Place is the knife for you. We didn’t re-design this blade shape and size: it has served artists for centuries and earned a place in the tool kit. An excellent all-purpose choice and a must-have for every studio.

Shape: Teardrop, pear

Surface dimensions: 2.5″ long x 0.75″ wide

Overall height (including handle): 9.125″

Color dip: Naples Orange

Price: $15.00
Gamblin Studio Knife- The Hoyt


The Hoyt’s angled head offers more mark-making possibilities than the typical symmetrical blade. While it may look a bit impractical, once you try The Hoyt, you’ll understand its usefulness and versatility.

There’s a reason The Hoyt is our pick for laying down color mixtures on Instagram: the 45-degree edge lets you pull paint evenly while keeping your fingers far from the paint.

Shape: Angled, Gumby

Blade dimensions: 2.75″ long x 0.875″ wide

Overall height (including handle): 9.25″

Color dip: Transparent Earth Yellow

Price: $15.00
Gamblin Studio Knife- The Robert


Fierce, sleek, and empowering to hold, this appropriately named knife is Robert Gamblin’s favorite. The Japanese-inspired blade boasts the longest edge of all our knives. While long, the relatively narrow face means this knife has more bounce than the rest of our Studio Knife family.

If you mix and tube your own paint, you know how hard it can be to feed a 37ml tube. Trust us, The Robert will make that job much easier.

Definitely not TSA approved for carry-on luggage.

Shape: Diamond, spear

Blade dimensions: 3.125″ long x 0.625″ wide

Overall height (including handle): 9.625″

Color dip: Cadmium Red Light, Pantone Warm Red

Price: $15.00
Gamblin Studio Knife- The Ladd


Petite and nimble yet oh-so mighty. The small face means the flex is firm and easy to control. For artists that work small or rely on a knife for detail, this little Ladd is built for the job.

Ladd’s Addition, a neighborhood in Southeast Portland, is where Robert Gamblin founded the company in a single-car garage. For two years, Robert Gamblin made just one color: white. The word that comes to mind when we think of the single-car garage days and this Studio Knife: Focus.

Shape: Teardrop, pear

Blade dimensions: 1.5″ long x 0.5″ wide

Overall height (including handle): 8″

Color dip: Olive Green

Price: $14.00
Gamblin Studio Knife- The Taylor


The Taylor is not messing around. Designed to mix heaps of color or premix batches of paint effortlessly, think of The Taylor as a time-saving studio assistant.

We also consider it a painting weapon for making big, bold marks and smooth spots.

Oil painter Michael Chesley Johnson loves The Taylor because it “is good for blocking in large areas and down-stroking sky, water, and other areas that should be somewhat smooth.” 

Shape: Diamond

Blade dimensions: 3.5″ long x 0.875″ wide

Overall height (including handle): 10.125″

Color dip: Gamblin blue, Pantone 7698

Price: $15.00
Gamblin Studio Knife- The Raymond


Diamonds are an artist’s best friend for a reason. This popular shape can cut crisp edges and cleanly move paint around a palette. We think the size of The Raymond is ideal; large enough to mix a good amount of paint but not too long that you lose stiffness. The peak of The Raymond comes to a nice soft point too; not too pointy and not too round. The Raymond is just right.

Raymond Street is where the factory currently resides. If you’re ever in the Portland area, look us up! We’d love to show you around.

Shape: Diamond

Blade dimensions: 2.375″ x 0.9375″ wide

Overall height (including handle): 9″

Color dip: Portland Warm Grey

Price: $14.00