Signet Brushes

Robert Simmons "Signet" Hog Bristle Brushes
Excellent quality, oil painting brushes. Each brush is handmade using select quality, naturally curved imported Chungking bristle. Every brush is formed with the bristles interlocked and set deep in extra long ferrules. The hair is placed so each bristle curves inwards resulting in a brush that gives a completely controlled stroke. Resilient, but sturdy, Signet brushes handle the heaviest paint with ease.  Signet provides a sensitivity of response and a versatility in painting that has made it the preferred oil brush for years. Signet brushes hold their shape and resilience overs years of rigorous use. That is how Signet has earned its reputation in the marketplace for performance and durability. Signet's fine construction means artists can depend on the performance of each brush over the life of the brush. Signet's bristles have long "flags" also known as "split-ends" which characteristically hold maximum amounts of color. In the manufacturing process, each brush is hand cupped to retain these natural flags.