Founded in 1963 with one product line, DuoShade shading medium used primarily by editorial cartoonists, Ohio Graphic Arts Systems began its journey into the commercial art material business. Slowly it expanded its product lines to include Colormatch papers, Frisket Films and several types of clear films. By 1980 continued growth in sales enabled the company to move into a larger factory and warehouse facility allowing for further product expansion as well as additional converting equipment. It was at this time many of the products that Grafix carries today were added: Masking films, Drafting Film, Metallized and Pressure Sensitive films as well as various types of Acetate films.
By 1990 our name changed to Grafix and our facilities and employees had expanded to reflect growth in product lines and distribution. Most recently Grafix has expanded products to include plastic film alternatives, fine art accessories and a variety of decorative films developed for the art and craft markets.
Currently, Grafix is divided into two divisions, Consumer Products which sells to retailers and distributors primarily in art and craft markets and Industrial Products, selling in bulk to plastic distributors and manufacturers.
Grafix takes great pride in offering customers exceptional customer service, innovative products and competitive pricing. This philosophy has given Grafix the opportunity to expand distribution to new markets as well as overseas. Giving customers what they want when they need it has made Grafix a leader in plastic films.