Bomo Art Budapest Designs

We are extremely excited to be offering many of the exquisitely beautiful items made by Bomo Art Budapest- including their exclusively designed papers, hardcover drawing and journal books, enamel pins, and gift cards. Our customers are immediately enchanted by the colors, designs, and quality of these items- in fact, one person said "I am ecstatic to have found Bomo Art Budapest items on your website!"

The name Bomo Art Budapest indicates not only the shop, but some of Budapest’s touristic sights and most beautiful buildings that appear in their designs. You can discover the Opera House or the Gresham Palace for example, but there are some designs showing the map of the most beautiful parts of Budapest as it was at the end of the 19th century. The motifs featuring old posters, postcards, musical notes or famous Hungarian artists recall the halcyon days of the turn of the century.

Károly Boldizsár has been in love with paper since he was a child. On visiting a printing house he was touched by the peculiar scent of labels and scraps of paper. After a series of events he ended up in the printing business as a professional. His heart still starts to beat faster whenever a freshly printed sheet of Bomo Art wrapping paper rolls off the machine. He luckily meet Éva Holllósi in 2000, who - based on Károly imaginative ideas - puts the motives down the on paper and revive them.

Éva graduated in 2001 from the Hungarian University of Fine Arts as a Graphic Designer. She was always charmed by nostalgic moods going back to the turn of the century and by vintage illustrations, the same which define the taste of Bomo Art. The original artwork of cards and wrapping papers were made by watercolor techniques and with watercolor pencil. The conscientious vocation and devotion to the artwork and design have created the unified nature of Bomo Art for many years.