Terrages Sets

Terrages Pumice Pastel Sets Click on the photo of each set below to view a larger picture and pricing. Pastel artist Wolf Kahn asked Diane Townsend to come up with a line of pastels that would have similar characteristics to the Roche Pastels- a pastel that would have a little more "bite" than most other soft pastels. The Terrages line was created with Wolf Kahn's color palette in mind. Terrages Pastels are made with extra fine pumice to allow it to "bite" into the surface of the paper and provide a base coat. This base coat provides a surface similar to a sanded pastel paper, even on smoother papers. The pumice base coat allows an artist to apply multiple top layers of softer pastels. Available in a beautiful range of 190 colors in irregularly shaped chunks. Pumice pastels are made by hand so shapes and sizes will vary but average around 1-3/8" x 1" x 3/8". The addition of pumice makes them vey sturdy and ideal for large scale works.