Winsor & Newton

Winsor & Newton Artists Oil Brushes 
These brushes offer the exceptional quality that artists all over the world have come to know and expect from Winsor & Newton. They are made in a broad range of popular shapes to suit a range of oil painting needs. The bristles are pure Chungking hog bristle that is dressed by hand (not machine made) to retain the natural curve and flags. The bristle is naturally stiff for ideal response to full bodied oil color. Although this series was designed for use with oil color, they are also ideal for acrylics. The ferrules are matte nickel plated steel; while the handles are wood that has been sealed with matte black laquer. The handles are contoured to provide ergonomic comfort with any painting technique. Like many of Winsor & Newtons art materials, each of these brushes is a work of art in itself!