Officina MOKA by Giuliano Mazzuoli

The attention to detain and workmanship that is entirely made in Florence have become prerequisites for the entire Mazzuoli production. The 15 components that make up the MOKA pen are made and assembled with care and passion with the desire to reach the maximum quality standard. Each MOKA pen comes in a beautiful gift box.


"In my grandmother's huge but minimally decorated kitchen there were four or five different size espresso-makers hanging on a wall above a shelf. They were the only decorative elements in the kitchen and I had never seen my grandmother make coffee with them. She polished them every day. This was in the 1950's, the time in which the Moka, designed and produced by Alfonso Bialetti in 1930, started to become well known all over the world. It reached places in the world where uses and customs regarding beverages were completely different than ours (in Italy) and it was used as a decorative accessory just like my grandmother had done. I too see this everyday object made up of two containers that screw into each other as a masterpiece of design. Nothing is more difficult to design than simplicity and I wanted to dedicate a writing instrument to this jewel of design that is more than eighty years old now." -Giuliano Mazzuoli