Textile Mediums

Specially formulated to work seamlessly with fabric paints, our textile mediums offer a range of effects and techniques to elevate your textile creations. Whether you want to add texture, improve fabric flow, or extend the drying time of your paints, our textile mediums provide the perfect solutions.


Explore our collection of fabric extenders, fabric texture mediums, fabric flow mediums, and more, designed to unleash your creativity and achieve professional-quality results. Our textile mediums are easy to use and versatile, allowing you to experiment with various techniques such as stenciling, screen printing, stamping, and more. Whether you're a textile artist, fashion designer, or DIY enthusiast, our textile mediums are essential tools for taking your textile projects to the next level.


Discover the possibilities with our premium textile mediums and bring your fabric creations to life. Visit our store today and explore our wide selection of textile mediums for your artistic journey.