Maestro 2

These Oil Painting Brushes are hand made in Germany by the DaVinci Brush Company. The DaVinci Brush Company imports the strongest white hog bristle from the Chinese city of Chungking. These bristles are then double boiled to reduce their stiffness and to give them extra spring and life. This allows for maximum stroke control that is not possible with overly stiff bristle. The brushmaker then positions the natural curving bristle so that the bristles curve inward. This is termed "interlocked" construction which allows the brush to keep its shape after long and vigorous use. While being hand shaped, stiffer, fatter bristles are removed to ensure better "flags" at the tip of the brush. "Flags" are the split ends of the bristle, the more split ends the better the bristles' ability to hold color. This brush offers plenty of "flags" at the tip which hold and carry color for better control than bristle that is simply cut flat at the end. Many less expensive brushes are manufactered by machines which cut bristles into the various shapes.