Oil Class Supplies

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Claessens #15 Double Oil Primed Linen - 1/8" RayMar Panel
Our double primed linen texture is Claessens #15 100% Belgian oil-primed linen exclusively for oil paint. It is sized with two layers of zinc white primer bound with linseed oil and one top coating of titanium white oil paint. Ideal for the artist who seeks an ultra smooth surface. The medium texture, medium weight linen is a favorite of professional artists for its irregular weave and 0% absorbency. It is suitable for portrait, landscape and modern work with brush or palette knife application.

The RayMar Panel is a professional quality painting panel. We mount our linens on 1/8 inch MDF through a commercial process with a pH neutral adhesive to bind the fabric and panel in a uniform way. Next, we cover the reverse side of the panel with a gray melamine finish. This creates an acid-free archival art board that resists warping and provides a permanent barrier against deterioration from moisture or mold. This process creates an affordable, museum-quality painting board for artists.

Important features of the RayMar Panel
• Professional quality
• Commercially produced
• 1/8th inch MDF
• pH neutral adhesive
• Permanent barrier against moisture and mold
• Canvas adhered uniformly
• Melamine impregnated backing balances panel to resist warping
• Archival, museum quality

Price: $8.60
Cretacolor Cleos Fine Art Graphite Pencil Set (6 Pencils)
A superior grade of graphite in the traditional hard cedar wood casing, these pencils are exceptionally strong and can be sharpened to a clean, fine point. The Fine Art graphite pencils are formulated to be extra-smooth and easily blended. This set of six pencils comes in a reusable tin. Included are one each of 8B, 6B, 4B, 2B, HB, and 2H pencils.
Price: $9.34
Gamblin Gamsol
25% off

Gamsol is the safest solvent that allows artists to work in traditional and contemporary techniques without compromise. It can be used to thin oil colors and painting mediums, and for general studio clean-up. This 100% pure odorless mineral spirit is reusable and non-toxic when used as recommended. 

Due to individual state laws, sizes over 32oz cannot be shipped to the following states. We apologize for the inconvenience.
  • California
  • Connecticut
  • Delaware
  • Maryland
  • New Hampshire
  • Utah

Price: $7.50
Gamblin Gamvar Picture Varnish
Gamvar is a ready-to-apply low molecular weight synthetic resin varnish developed in collaboration with conservation scientists at the National Gallery. This virtually odorless varnish saturates and gives greater depth to colors and gives work a unified and protective gloss surface. It goes on water-clear, stays water-clear and can be easily removed with Gamsol.

The 2 oz. bottle holds enough varnish to cover 40 square feet, the 4 oz. bottle will cover 80 feet, the 8 oz. bottle, 160 feet and the 16 oz. bottle, 320 square feet.
Price: $12.75
Faber Castell Extra Large Kneaded Eraser
The perfect artists's tool for erasing.
Excellent for erasing charcoal, pencil, pastels, and color pencil.
Easily kneaded into any shape for use on details or large surfaces.
Use for highlights and cleaning layout and chalks.
Price: $1.95
Gamblin Artist Oil Color
25% Off 

Gamblin Artist Grade Oil Colors are made from pure pigments and the finest refined linseed oil. Each color retains the unique characteristics of the pigments, including tinting strength, undertone and texture. The luscious colors and contemporary mediums are true to historic working properties, yet safer and more permanent. 

If you are buying Gamblin Oils for one of Sue Nicholas Gephart's workshops, her favorite colors are: Warm White, Titanium/Zinc White, Cadmium Lemon, Hansa Yellow Deep, Manganese Violet, Ultramarine, Phthalo Blue, Maganese Blue, Brown Pink, & Portland Warm Grey 

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Price: $0.00
37 ml Tube
150 ml Tube
Pentalic Black Cover Spiral Bound Sketch Books
Pentalic Black Cover Spiral Bound Sketch Books - Black Cover Spiral Bound Sketch Books... Classic sketch books with 160 pages/80 sheets of bright white, acid free, 70 lb paper. Textured, black embossed cover. These classic books are spiral bound and will lay flat when opened. (Please note that the image shows several sizes for comparison only; price listed is for ONE book!)
Price: $4.23
Gamblin Solvent-Free Gel
Gamblin Solvent-Free Gel has a moderately fast drying rate and increases gloss. Made from safflower oil and alkyd resin, Solvent-Free Gel is non-toxic and contains no Gamsol or petroleum distillates. Solvent-Free Gel supports the broadest range of painting techniques with the least compromise across color, dry time, texture and mark-making. To ensure proper drying of paint layers, Solvent-Free Gel should be used in moderation with oil colors no more than 25% by volume. To avoid wrinkling, apply mixtures of Solvent-Free Gel and oil colors thinly. Gamblin Solvent-Free Gel can effectively clean brushes during your painting session.
Price: $16.50
Jack Richeson Gessoed Hardbaord Panels
Gessoed 1/8" Hardboard Panels

The range of gesso panels on the market today range from almost glassy smooth to very textured. Richeson spent two years in the development of our Gesso Panels, resulting in a strong warp-resistant tempered panel. these panels are coated with a high quality acrylic gesso using a two coat waterfall system for the perfect lightly toothy finished surface. This surface will not separate from the panel but bonds perfectly, making it the perfect panel for all painters - professional as well as students.
Price: $0.00
Mid Tone Grey
Gamblin Refined Linseed Oil
This refined linseed oil is the palest of linseed oils. Adding it to colors increases flow and slows dry times. Use sparingly or mix with an equal amount Gamsol to create a traditional slow-drying, low-viscosity painting medium.
Price: $12.75
Jack Richeson Professional Synthetic Hair Brushes for Oil & Acrylic
The hi-tech world has developed a magnificent fiber that will take the place of bristle when working with oil and acrylics. This new material is easier to clean, yet has all of the feel and touch of bristle. These brushes have excellent color carrying capacity in firmly designed heads that hold their shape when used vigorously.
Price: $9.75