Plein Air Supplies

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Art Alternatives pH Neutral Black Masking Tape
This pH neutral masking tape is ideal for use with all types of paint and is easy to apply and remove. All widths are available in 60 yd. rolls.
Price: $5.59
Canson Plein Air Canva Artboards
These pads contain 10 rigid artboards that are laminated to Canson quality paper and then primed & are ready for use with oil paint, oil sticks, oil pastels or acrylic paints. Their canvas like texture surface is treated with a high performance barrier to absorb oil, bonding agents & water evenly. The pads are glued on one side and have a fold over heavyweight cover. Measures 9" x 12".
Price: $29.00
ViewCatcher View Finding Tool
A simple yet crucial artist's tool. Use the ViewCatcher to create strong compositions, quickly see correct color values, and make color decisions. Cast in durable mid-value gray plastic; so it does not interfere with colors that you are viewing. Pocket sized so it's perfect for studio or plein air use.
Price: $12.49
Pocket Color Wheel and Mixing Guide
One of the simplest yet most necessary tools for artists. Lists and defines color mixing terms and easily depicts color mixes just by turning the wheel. Printed on the front and the back! The pocket version has a diameter of 5.25".
Price: $4.69