**NEW!** Bomo Art Budapest Papers

Superb, unique, and beautiful papers from Budapest, Hungary! These are large sheets that feature hand drawn and painted designs, printed onto high quality paper. They are wonderful for wrapping, bookmaking, collage, decoupage, origami, scrapbooking.... and they can also be used as posters or "ready made art" that can be hung in a frame. No matter how you trim the sheet, you will end up with a gorgeous work of art! Every design is very detailed, and the overall color palette that Bomo Art uses gives the papers a classy and vintage feel. Sheets measure 100 x 70 cm (or 27.5 x 39 inches).


In order to keep shipping prices down (these papers are shipped directly to us from Hungary!), Bomo Art gently folds these large sheets in half. The sheets are folded over but not sharply creased. It does not hinder their use whatsoever!