Thai Marbled Mulberry & Momi Papers

These lush papers start out with a sheet of Thai Mulberry paper. The Thai Momi Marbled Papers are hand crinkled (which is where the term "momi" comes from), tied dyed in bright colors, and then hand marbled with contrasting metallic colors. The Thai Marbled Mulberry papers start out with a white sheet of mulberry, which is hand marbled using bright swirls of random colors. These sheets are quite large (25x37 inches) and have a much softer feel than the traditional European marbled papers. These are beautiful when used in collage, lampshade and window treatments, scrapbooking, paper sculpture, bookmaking, and all paper arts. They are so beautiful that you can even frame a sheet as a ready made work of art! Due to their handmade nature, each sheet is unique and there will be slight color variance from shipment to shipment.